Lifetime Stability of CIMac™ pDNA Analytical Column

One of the key steps in purification of plasmid DNA vaccines for therapeutic use is the separation of supercoiled (SC) and open circular (OC) conformations of plasmid DNA. In order to monitor product quantity and the separation of conformations throughout the downstream process as well as to verify the separation quality, accurate, reliable and user-friendly analytical methods need to be in place.

CIMac™ pDNA Analytical Column was developed to meet the selected criteria. It is based on a monolithic support with many advantages over the conventional stationary phases for the separation of biomacromolecules, such as low backpressure, flow unaffected chromatographic properties and high resolution power due to a convective flow transport within open large diameter (1.5 µm) channels. For more details about in-process control of pDNA production on CIMac™ pDNA Analytical Column please check our application note.