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Purification of mRNA with CIMmultus® SDVB

CIM® SDVB is a polystyrene divinylbenzene monolith used for reversed phase (RP) purification of large biologics. It is used in purification of nucleic acids for size fractionation. In addition to length, the degree of base pairing influences selectivity and can enable separation between double-stranded and single-stranded species of similar length. As a preparative tool, CIMmultus® SDVB gives its best results as a polishing method. It can be used for fast, low pressure and room temperature purification of RNA, including RNA exceeding 10 kb (such as self-amplifying RNA).

CIMmultus® SDVB is commonly but not exclusively used with an ion-pair reagent. The ion-pair reagent neutralises the negative charge on the RNA backbone to improve binding of RNA or other nucleic acid to the monolith. Elution is achieved by increasing concentration of organic solvent such as acetonitrile.