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Custom Monolith Development and Manufacture

Custom affinity columns

Immobilization conditions suited to one particle might not be optimal for another despite apparent similarities. In affinity interactions, small changes in the conformation of the immobilised particle, as well as their environment, can affect their physio-chemical characteristics and consequently their affinity. A range of activated monoliths provide us the basis for immobilization of antibodies, proteins, peptides, enzymes, nucleic acids and small organic molecules. The ligand forms a stable covalent linkage with the monolith matrix and prevents leaching. Our immobilization optimization service considers different activated monoliths, buffering systems, deactivation conditions and ligand densities.


Immobilization of antibodies

  • Antibodies can be coupled to monoliths with oriented or nonoriented immobilization.
  • The ligand density can be manipulated.
  • Antigen testing can be performed to confirm activity.
  • This service is performed with CIMmic™screening and 1 mL scales and offers the possibility to scale up.

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