CIM™ Monolith : Purification of Nucleic Acid Molecules

  • A purification of synthetic oligonucleotides by using CIM™ monolith was evaluated.
  • In this case study, the CIM™ anion exchange column had the capability to resolve oligonucleotides with small difference in comparative chain length.
  • A crude reaction mixture of synthetic oligonucleotide was loaded onto the CIM™ anion exchange column. Sample elution was achieved by salt concentration gradient. In comparison with conventional media, CIM™ monolith indicated higher resolution for major impurities.
  • Advantages of the characteristic properties of the CIM™ monolith were evaluated based on the high throughput purification of oligonucleotides under the identified gradient separation conditions. Over 99 % HPLC purity for the target oligoDNA was achieved by one-step purification from the crude reaction mixture.