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Characterization of EVs Subpopulations From CIMmultus ® EV Using PATfix® System

Cells release extracellular vesicles (EVs) of different sizes and intracellular origin. Due to their heterogenicity, the isolation of the target EV population from a mixture of supernatant-derived particles can be challenging. Anion exchange chromatography (AEX) exploits the negative charge on EV surface molecules for binding to the positively charged solid phase. CIMmultus® EV, an AEX chromatography monolith column, can separate EVs in subpopulations based on charge and offers insight into the heterogenicity of particles. Besides the availability of preparative tools for separation, combining multiple orthogonal and complementary characterization tools is crucial for defining the EV product of interest. In this work, we used a multiple-detector PATfix® system for the analysis of CIMmultus EV-fractionated samples. Samples were analyzed for the presence of EV-related tetraspanins using the fluorescence detector. PATfix MALS 3609 detector was used for the analysis of particle-containing samples and calculation of particle sizes.