CIM® Monolithic Well Plates

CIM Monolithic Well Plates

We combined our unique CIM monolith technology with a standard multi-well plate design. Whether your goal is to screen multiple chromatographic conditions at once or high throughput purification of your target molecule, our CIM plates offer an answer in either a 24-well or 96-well plate design. A wide range of monolith volumes and available CIM chemistries allow for the best fit for your large biomolecule such as viruses, nucleic acids, exosomes, bacteriophages, etc.

Each well in our monolithic plates is prefilled with a defined amount of monolith to enable uniform high flow rates across the plate. The properties of the monoliths in the wells are comparable to our preparative chromatographic monolithic columns. This makes plates an ideal tool for screening different parts of your chromatographic process.

CIM plates can be disposable or multi-use and are made from medical grade polypropylene (PP), a material that prevents target molecules from binding to the plastic. They are manufactured according to ANSI standards and are automation compatible. Nevertheless, they can also be operated manually with a vacuum, centrifuge or positive pressure*.

See instructions inside IFU.

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