CIMmic® Immobilization Screening

CIMmic is a line of small monoliths with pre-activated surfaces used as a basis for preparation of custom-made chromatographic columns by coupling various ligands, such as proteins, nucleic acids, peptides, etc. Covalent coupling reduces ligand leakage and improves stability and reusability. CIMmic combines the advantages of the CIM® (Convective Interaction Media) monolithic stationary phase with a flexible design and the possibility to operate manually with syringes, low pressure pumps, or HPLC systems. Due to the economic use of expensive ligands, the small bed volume (0.1 mL) of CIMmic discs is particularly suitable for screening purposes and optimizing immobilization protocols.

Key Benefits

  • Three pre-activated surface chemistries enable coupling of a wide range of ligands
  • Covalent bonding of ligands reduces leakage, improving stability and reusability
  • 100 μL column volume has minimal sample requirements
  • Ideal for immobilization screening and optimization as well as small-scale proof of concept
  • Use for custom affinity columns, enzymatic reactors, etc.

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