No, monoliths are not available in aseptic package. Monoliths in general are sanitized using prolonged contact time with 1 M NaOH (not applicable for columns with immobilized proteins).

Only monoliths packed in SS housing can be sterilized in an autoclave. Make sure that either the inlet or the outlet of the column is open to prevent excess pressure buildup. Autoclaving monolithic columns for aseptic use is recommended. Prior to disposal, monoliths can also be autoclaved. For specifics, please consult help@biaseparations.com.

Basic matrix of all monoliths is poly – methacrylate.

From the chromatogram of a pulse test with acetone (or similar tracer molecule) you will obtain retention time, peak width, and peak width at a half height. With that you can calculate:

N = (tR/σ)^2 = 16(tR/w) = 5.54(tR/w1/2)^2

N – number of theoretical plates, tR – retention time, σ – standard deviation, w – peak width, w1/2 – peak width at a half height


HETP – high equivalent of theoretical plate, L – separation (column) column length.

No animal-derived components or materials are used in the manufacturing process. Our columns are cGMP-compliant and come with an animal component-free certificate.

CIM® monolithic columns provide high efficiency, speed, and yields in the downstream processing of viruses, virus-like particles (VLPs), phages, plasmid DNA (pDNA), antibodies, large proteins, and smaller molecules such as peptides. Large flow-through channels and high surface accessibility of binding sites offer capacities exceeding those of resin-based columns, along with rapid mass transfer based on convection. CIM monolithic columns are distinguished for their flow-independent performance, low back-pressure, and versatility, resulting in faster separation, concentration, purification, removal, and analysis of your biologic materials.

No. We recommend filtration of samples and all the buffers prior to loading on the column.

To prolong the column lifespan, we recommend filtration of all samples and buffers prior to loading the column. A membrane filter with 0.45 µm pore size is recommended.

Each 8000 mL column comes on a cart and measures 660 mm in total height (the column itself is 552 mm). The widest part of the cart is at the bottom, measuring 554 mm. The total footprint of the column with cart is 554 x 554 mm.

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