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New solution for your exosome purification - Cornerstone Exosome Process Development Pack

BIA's Cornerstone Exosome Pack represents a unique approach to exosome purification, for preparation of high quality research-grade exosomes, or as the foundation for clinical quality exosomses.

BIA's Pack was designed to accommodate the sensitive requirements of exosomes:

  • Achieve low shear, high capacity, and high resolution at high flow rates
  • Enhance concentration and purification of exosomes
  • Reduce other non-vesicle contaminants, especially host cell DNA and host cell proteins

comparison of exosome packs

Basic steps in the BIA Cornerstone purification process:

Cornerstone exosome process

Cornerstone Exosome Process Development Pack inludes:

Protocol that will guide you through the entire process and will enable you to deal with challenges in the fastest and easiest way

Kryptonase, enzyme-based reagent coordinated with TFF that ensures a foundation for smooth purification of research grade exosomes at any scale and reduces host cell DNA. Treatment with Kryptonase ensures full capacity of the next step.

CIMmultus EV monolithic column provides a low shear environment for exosome concentration and extends reduction of host cell DNA while reducing viruses, endotoxins, and non-exosomal vesicles.

Chromatograms_exosome process
Purification process overview illustrated by SEC-MALS. Exosomes represent minority of components in crude feedstream. Cell cultures have a lot of impurities and only a small fraction of vesicles. TFF coordinated with KryptonaseTM treatment reduces the majority of HCP and chromatin contaminants. Chromatography step further removes remaining contaminants and results in concentrated, highly purified sample.

Access the full presentation and slide-deck of Pete Gagnon’s latest presentation on Exosomes at Exosome Based Therapeutic Development Summit 2019.

Let us do the hard work for you.

Beside column production, BIA offers process development service. For more information please contact us at sales@biaseparations.com and ask for Cornerstone® Biomanufacturing Development Services for Exosomes.

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