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2nd mRNA Process Development & Manufacturing Summit Europe

Increasing productivity of mRNA production through integration of at-line analytics

Speaker: Rok Sekirnik


  • Design of IVT reaction through DOE supported by at-line HPLC monitoring significantly enhances mRNA production efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Scalable removal of residual dsRNA, abortive fragments and residual template is shown with SDVB monolith
  • Oligo dT affinity purification with CIM monolith demonstrates consistent performance independent of residence time or mRNA size with high yield and purity, offering fast processing times

The 2nd mRNA Process Development & Manufacturing Summit Europe returns to reunite mRNA biopharma looking to innovate processes, speed up production and ensure the right balance is struck between quality of mRNA, efficacy of the final product, and the commercial opportunity in hand to unleash the full therapeutic value of mRNA across all disease indications. 

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  •  2nd mRNA Process Development & Manufacturing Summit Europe
  • Location: Frankfurt, Germany