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Workshop on Analytics for Process Development | Sydney, Australia

Join Sartorius BIA Separations experts performing a hands-on demo of PATfix analytics as well as subsequent data analysis. Learn how the PATfix platform supports process development, and discover the power of chromatography analytics for emerging gene therapies. This workshop will cover mRNA, pDNA and AAV analytics.

Workshop Description

At Sartorius BIA Separations, we are passionate about providing the best solutions for gene therapy purification, by providing a modality-specific platform for analysis and in-process control of products used for new gene therapies. Our analytical platform solutions are designed to get your process development going with minimal or no method optimization required.

This workshop offers a deep insight into the capabilities of PATfix system, with emphasis on developed analytical methods. By encompassing key gene therapy modalities of pDNA, mRNA and AAV, immediate at-line insight during process development and production can be achieved.

You will also learn how PATfix™ triple detector set up delivers sensitive, accurate and insightful characterization of viral samples. By trying out the next generation PATfix software you will discover the power of biochromatography analytics for emerging gene therapies and vaccines.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Discover the power of PATfix biochromatography analytics for emerging gene therapies
  • Learn about PATfix key components and how they enable at-line analytics
  • Learn about the next generation PATfix software
  • Simultaneous digital signal acquisition from multiple detectors|monitors
  • Hardware control of multiple systems locally or remotely
  • Post-analysis chromatography data evaluation

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  • Workshop on Analytics for Process Development | Sydney, Australia
  • Location: Hilmer Building (E10), Union Rd, UNSW Sydney, Kensington NSW 2052, Australia (Room 423)