Comparison of fibrinogen quantification by CIMac™ immunoaffinity chromatography and clotting activity measurement

In diagnostic applications, fibrinogen is measured with clotting activity assay variations, together with other blood clotting factors. In research and preparative applications, larger quantities of anti-coagulants, such as EDTA and citrate, or coagulants such as Ca2+ are present in the samples, preventing successful and/or accurate fibrinogen concentration measurements. In such cases an alternative measurement method is needed.
The CIMac™ antibody immobilisation platform provides an elegant solution for immobilisation of antibodies, which are used as immunoaffinity adsorbents. It has been shown that several analytical runs can be performed on a single column. This simplicity is also combined with a fast method, where a chromatographic analysis can be completed in 4 min. Used column was hydrazide ( HDZ )-based CIMac™ column.