The power of immunoaffinity chromatography on CIMac™ platform- studying glycosylation profile of fibrinogen in human plasma

The CIMac™ antibody immobilisation platform enables an elegant immobilisation of antibodies, which can be used as immunoaffinity adsorbents in specific diagnostic applications. Immobilization of antibodies to solid chromatographic supports is avery elegant solution for preparation of reusable immunoaffinity assays that can lower the price but also increase the accuracy and lower the limit of detection of biological assays for diagnostic purposes. Therefore, it is important that reusing a column for multiple sample analysis does not affect chromatographic/analysis performance. In this application note, an example of reusability of the hydrazide-based CIMac™ column ( HDZ ) with immobilised monoclonal antifibrinogen for consecutive purification of fibrinogen from human plasma is shown.