plasmid DNA

BIA has been the leader in high resolution plasmid purification for more than a decade. We offer both monoliths, platform templates, and customized purification services, plus we have continued to develop new and improved tools for the special requirements of polynucleotide purification.


Our HiP2 platform uses special anion exchange and hydrophobic interaction monoliths to take you from bacterial lysate to highly pure homogeneous supercoiled DNA with step by step by step instructions. Laminar flow through monolithic channels is an important advantage for monoliths because it avoids the turbulent shear forces that occur with other chromatography media formats, and gives you higher recovery of better quality plasmids. A full range of monoliths enables simple scale-up to any level of productivity to meet your needs.

BIA also has extensive experience with purification process development of RNA, including fast chromatographic fingerprinting to reveal contaminants and impurities in your raw materials, transcription mixtures, and final product.

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