Catalog no. PAT0033-1

An analytical platform package designed to give “at-line” reliable insight during Process Development (PD) and production of pDNA.

PATfix pDNA platform includes:

  • PATfix model-LPG
  • PATfix software with pDNA platform
  • PATfix pDNA validated analytical methods and SOP
  • pFix5 sc/oc pDNA standard for 20x calibrations
  • Set of 5 CIMac pDNA columns.

Additional benefits

  • Customized method development and validation of your sample
  • Server-client based approach – access your data securely from anywhere (office, home)
  • Easily share interactive results with colleagues, customers and/or regulators
  • Report generation helps ease the paperwork load
  • Part 11 compliance allows easy implementation of PATfix analytics in FDA approval process
  • Appropriate for analysis of both small and big plasmids
  • Sensitive detector suite for low sample consumption

Try out the PATfix software demo, follow the link below.

Software Demo