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One Purification Process: From R&D to Development to Manufacturing

One-step or multi-step chromatographic purification to achieve the desired purity level. Explore CIM® chromatographic solutions for the entire production process, from DNA template to purified mRNA.

mRNA Process from pDNA to mRNA

explore See pDNA purification resources for production of high quality DNA template.

mRNA Capture | Polish

mRNA toolbox oligo dt primas sdvb c4 hld

Oligo dT18PrimaSSDVBC4 HLD

A chromatographic toolbox can overcome challenges in process design. Templated or enzymatic polyadenylation, vaccinia capping or capping analog? The toolbox with four unique ligands offers flexibility and benefits in purification:

check markFewer unit operations: apply IVT material to monolith without buffer exchange
check markHigh flow rate and high binding capacity with open-channel CIM® monoliths
check markOption to re-use monoliths, or implement them into a single-use platform

The toolbox can fit different RNA modalities: from mRNA, saRNA (self-amplifying RNA), to emerging RNA modalities, such as circular and long non-coding RNA.

Hint Working without poly-A tail? Try multimodal or custom affinity monoliths for capture.

The Same Process at Any Scale

The same mRNA toolbox from μg scale to kg scale. Start from the beginning with μ-scale and high throughput purification. Transfer your workflow from discovery R&D to development and commercial manufacturing with full GMP compliance.


Immobilisation of Custom Oligo Sequence 

Use an RNA-specific oligo sequence for affinity capture. Custom and proprietary affinity tags can be immobilised on the monolith to improve purity of the product.

Affinity mRNA purification

Unsure How to Get Started?

Sartorius’ state of the art facilities in Ajdovščina, Slovenia provide on-demand training activities and process development services for mRNA. Use our contact form to get in touch.