Cleaning and Re-using Monolithic Columns: What You Need to Know

If you are looking to find a sustainable solution for your chromatography needs, CIMmultus monolithic columns are the right choice as they are reusable and most chemistries can be easily cleaned with 1M NaOH. In general, their lifespan and performance largely depend on column maintenance and sample preparation.

Optimal performance of monolithic columns can be achieved by following the cleaning instructions in the PSIM document, where the cleaning in place (CIP) and sanitization process are described in detail.

Proper sample preparation plays a vital role in extending the lifetime of monolithic columns. The number of cycles a column can be used for greatly relies on the purity and preparation of the sample. For capture purposes, monolithic columns can be used a few dozen times, while in the case of polishing, they can exceed 100 cycles.

CIMmultus monolithic columns are robust and can withstand longer intervals of exposure to NaOH. Studies confirmed that the performance and chromatographic characteristics of these columns will not be affected even after multiple cleaning procedures with NaOH.

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