Preparative Columns CIMmultus

CIMmultus Preparative Columns by Sartorius BIA Separations

CIMmultus is the new and improved line of pre-packed chromatographic monolithic columns distinguished by large flow-through channels, designed for working with large proteins (IgG, IgM, PEGylated proteins), viruses (AAV, adenovirus, lentivirus, influenza, bacteriophages), VLPs and pDNA. Due to their performance properties, CIMmultus columns can be used as single-use disposable or multi-use columns. An important feature of CIMmultus is its housing; made of epoxy thermoset materials and reinforced with carbon fibers, it gives the column the same structural strength as stainless steel. CIMmultus columns are cGMP compliant.

CIMmultus columns are available with 1.3μm, 2μm,and 6μm channels.

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