Purification of Nucleic Acids: A handbook for purification of plasmid DNA and mRNA for gene therapy and vaccines

Author: Pete Gagnon

About the book:

This new book takes a fresh look at the science of manufacturing plasmid DNA and mRNA for gene therapy and vaccines. Section 1  begins with in-depth discussion about different chromatography media architectures and how they accommodate the separation challenges of very-large biomolecules like pDNA and mRNA. It continues with uniquely detailed discussion of nucleic acid and contaminant chemistry and how each influences the choice of purification tools. Section 2 gives detailed discussion of purification method work and how to optimize them. Section 3 provides detailed baseline screening protocols and discusses the merits of various 2-step platforms.

“This book will change the way you think about developing purification methods.”

– Scott Wheelwright | Author and COO of BioInno Bioscience