Catalog no. PAT0021

The PATfix model LPG is our baseline analytical model that includes all the necessities to get you started.

Key components of the PATfix model LPG include:

  • P 6.1L (LPG) Quaternary Pump: Bio-buffer compatible with a 10 mL ceramic pump-head, integrated degasser, and buffer mixer for precise fluid handling.
  • E 2.1L Eluent Tray: Organized storage for solvent bottles and eluents.
  • MWD 2.1L Multi Wavelength Detector: A versatile 4-channel detector covering a wavelength range of 190 – 700 nm for comprehensive spectral analysis.
  • Analytical Pressure Proof UV Flow Cell Cartridge: A 10 mm, 10 µL flow cell designed for high-sensitivity UV detection.
  • AS 6.1L Autosampler: Bio-buffer compatible and temperature-controlled, ensuring sample integrity.
  • CM 2.1S Conductivity Monitor: Includes a flow cell capable of handling up to 10 mL/min and a pH measuring kit for detailed sample characterization.
  • IFU 2.1 LAN Interface Box: Facilitates the connection of multiple detectors for expanded analytical capabilities.
  • Chromatography Data System: Comes with a single instrument license for data acquisition and analysis.
  • PATfix Software: Tailored software for system control and data management.
  • Set of 5 CIMac Analytical Columns: Customizable selection based on the customer’s specific analytical needs.