Catalog no. PAT0033

The PATfix Multiple-Angle Light Scattering (MALS) detector is designed for precise measurement of particulate entities such as Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV), Adenoviruses, Enveloped viruses, and Bacteriophages.

The MALS detector plays a crucial role in the sensitive monitoring of capsid integrity, distinguishing between empty and full capsids within complex, contaminated process samples. Due to the relatively large size of viral particles, they generate a distinctive MALS peak, which facilitates Downstream Process (DSP) optimization by providing immediate feedback on the sample’s condition.

Incorporating Light Scattering technology alongside UV and Fluorescence Detection (FLD), the PATfix system offers unparalleled capabilities for the identification and quantification of viral particles, even within the most intricate lysates.

Gain more signal from your sample

A wide range of PATfix MALS detector gains (up to 128x) allows you to achieve the best signal to noise ratio for your sample. A higher maximum gain makes it possible for you to minimize the amount of sample per analysis.

Compared to the competitor’s detector at maximum sensitivity, the PATfix MALS increases the signal strength by a factor of 2 at a comparable signal to noise ratio (“8x gain”). It is only at “16x gain” or higher that the noise rises with the signal, negating the sensitivity benefit in this example. At a low “4x gain”, the signal strength is comparable, but the PATfix MALS noise ratio is 2x lower.