Catalog no. 100.0017-2
Operating flow rate
4–200 mL/min 6–300 cm/h 0.1–5 CV/min
TC 1 in. (25 mm) 3 mm ID bore

HiP²  Plasmid Process Pack is a ready-to-use, yet optionally adjustable pDNA purification pack, intended to help scientists develop their own pDNA purification process and transfer it to production.

Detailed instructions of the experiments are included in the pack, thus helping you to save time and money on all scales. The process is extremely flexible, as it also allows choosing only parts of the recommended protocol that best fit your needs. CIMmultus HiP² Plasmid Process Pack contains one weak anion-exchange (DEAE) and one hydrophobic (C4 HLD) column and a protocol describing the purification procedure of your particular plasmid.

Notice: The columns have standard connectors compatible with most LC systems. If special fittings are used, please check our guideline for available adapters.

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