Catalog no. 103.8002-2

CIMmic HDZ (hydrazide) pack contains 3 identical monolithic chromatographic discs with a bed volume of 0.1 mL, intended for covalent immobilization of glycoproteins through oxidized sugar groups and other carbonyl containing molecules. The covalent nature of the hydrazone bond between the ligand and matrix reduces leaching and improves stability and reusability. A distinctive feature of HDZ-based coupling is a site-directed coupling of antibodies, producing highly efficient immunoaffinity-based columns.

Discs are operational, when inserted into a custom designed housing. They are easily interchanged in couple of seconds without a utilization of any special tool. In order to increase the bed volume of the column, up to three discs could be positioned in the same housing. 3 discs in a pack enable a preparation of three identical columns or using them for screening of different coupling conditions.

Notice: Housing is not included in the pack. You can order one here.

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