CIMac QA HR Analytical Columns are designed for fast and reproducible HPLC monitoring and quantification of empty or full capsids of different viruses. High reproducibility allows consistent separation of empty capsids, partially full capsids, aggregated & damaged capsids from full genome-containing viral capsids. With CIMac QA HR, even step elution analysis ensures reproducible separation of different viral capsids.

  • Strong anion exchanger
  • HR stands for High Reproducibility
  • For the highest AAV Empty-Full Reproducibility in AAV Analytics, even with step elution analysis
  • Allows a maximum deviation of only up to ±3% of the concentration of the eluent salt at empty capsid elution


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CIMac QA HR – 0.1 mL (2 μm)BIA-110.5213-20.1 mL2 μm