Catalog no. 150.8501-6
Operating flow rate
0.2-3 mL/min; 1-15 cm/min; 2-30 CV/min
10-32 UNF coned port 1/16’’ OD tubing connection
  • Weak anion exchanger
  • Enables fast and reproducible monitoring and quantitation of pDNA purification, and high resolution separation of DNA plasmid isoforms

The CIMac™ pDNA-0.3 Analytical Columns are intended for fast and reproducible HPLC monitoring and quantitation of plasmid DNA and are able to separate different plasmid DNA isoforms. They were primarily designed for the in-process and final control of pDNA samples at different stages of the purification process. They can be operated at high volumetric flow rates (from 1 to 10 column volumes/min); therefore, the information about the pDNA quantity and purity can be obtained within a few minutes. CIMac™ pDNA-0.3 Analytical Columns are fast and reliable PAT tools, providing:

  • Rapid, high resolution analysis, achieved in minutes
  • Flow independent separation
  • High sensitivity and reproducibility

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