Upon the visit of US Ambassador, BIA Separations announces production expansion to North America

The US Ambassador to Slovenia Lynda C. Blancard visited BIA Separations in Ajdovščina yesterday. She was introduced to the innovative technologies developed in Slovenia and to company’s plans that include launching a six million euros investment in the new facility in the Primorska region in March to create 100 new jobs. Due to the high demand for products and to fulfill the needs of US customers who represent the most important market for BIA Separations, they plan to expand production to the US or Canada.

The company is on track with the expansion plans while continuing to satisfy customer requirements, explained dr. Aleš Štrancar, CEO of BIA Separations:

“The North American market represents more than 80% of our market. Customers expect that the production of our major products used in their manufacturing of medicines and vaccines will be as close as possible, independent of the highly unpredictable business environment and increasingly uncertain transport routes, and thus accessible to patients in their countries and beyond. We are therefore extremely pleased to do business with companies in the US and Canada as they generally highly value work results and the ability to achieve goals in the shortest possible time, with minimal bureaucracy. Our business relationships are based on equal partnership and our prices are comparable to those of US companies.”

The US Ambassador to Slovenia Lynda C. Blancard was impressed by the production and technology of BIA Separations, which is recognized as a leading company in this field. Mrs. Blanchard is familiar with gene therapy and introduced an American medical university that uses knowledge and technology of gene therapy for treatment. She followed the company’s plans for expansion to the North American market with great interest. She also encouraged the company to liaise with American institutions and offered US Embassy involvement in strengthening and expanding their presence in the US market.

100 new jobs in Ajdovščina

At the same time, a six-million euros investment and five-fold expansion of production begins in the Primorska region in March, which will be fully funded by the company’s cash flow surplus.

As part of the production expansion in Ajdovščina we are also setting up second-generation production lines and the possibility of higher volume production. This will also create about 100 new jobs”, reveals Štrancar. The works will be completed early next year.

The construction of production facilities at a new North American location in this high-tech company is expected in 2022 and will be completed by the end of 2023. The new location will have three to four times higher capacity than the new, expanded production in Ajdovščina.

In recent years, BIA Separations has successfully followed the enormous projected growth. They closed the 2019 financial year with a revenue of 12 million euros. Compared to 2018 the revenue doubled. This year, they are planning 100% growth in business and 25 million euros in revenue.

In June, the company is hosting the most important gene therapy scientists in Portorož.

Štrancar also invited the US Ambassador to the 9th Monolith Summer Symposium (MSS) on the use of monolithic chromatography in gene therapy which will be held from 15 to 19 June in Portorož. At the Symposium, the most important gene therapy scientists from various domestic and global companies and academic backgrounds will share their knowledge and new research insights. The purpose of the Symposium is to disseminate knowledge about the development and potential of gene therapy and the technologies necessary for their successful production.

Additional information: komunikacije@mediade.si, 041 213 451, Matjaž Kljajić

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