Taming the Last Frontier: Harmonizing the Upstream-Downstream Interface

Pete Gagnon, Chief Scientific Officer of BIA Separations, has worked with most of the major international biopharma companies, dozens of start-ups and intermediate size companies, and nearly all of the downstream processing suppliers in the field to develop solutions to a wide range of bioprocessing challenges. He is a frequent advisor and contributor to major conferences and serves on the editorial boards of BioProcess International and Genetic Engineering News.

Cell & Gene Therapy Insights: How do you see the current status of bioprocessing?

Pete: Good, and improving. The industry has genuinely achieved miracles. We see the proofs every day in the availability of medicines that were unthinkable a generation ago. At the same time, we have left things undone that have serious potential to slow our forward momentum. In fact, they have slowed our progress in getting to where we are, and significantly narrowed the scope of our success. It’s time to fix them.

Whole interview with Pete Gagnon, Chief Scientific Officer of BIA Separations, published in Cell & Gene Therpay Insights can be found here.

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