BIA Separations to Supply Columns for mRNA Purification

BIA Separations has been able to respond quickly to the Healthcare field’s urgent need to improve manufacturing technology for mRNA.

Our scientists have worked closely with Arcturus’ excellent team to provide them with several new purification methods that streamline mRNA manufacturing, increase product quality, and provide the fast scale-up potential to meet global demand for the most effective new vaccines. Our chromatography products and knowledge were important contributors in bringing the first AAV-based gene therapy product to market. We look forward to similarly supporting the rapid evolution of mRNA-based vaccines and other therapeutics.

“We use BIA Separations Monolith columns for the purification of our mRNA drug substance. The Monolith columns come in multiple sizes to meet our needs from small scale product development work to large scale cGMP manufacturing runs. We have found the Monolith columns to provide high throughput and high purity while being very robust and reliable. In addition, BIA Separations has top notch customer service that never fails to impress.”  stated Greg Kubczak, Arcturus Therapeutics Director of Technical Services and Manufacturing.

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