A Time of Celebration, Expansion and a Richer Portfolio

This October Sartorius BIA Separations is celebrating the 25th anniversary, which we memorialized today with a special event. Among our distinguished guests were the mayor, representatives from the Slovenian government, and the executive management of Sartorius. With the opening of the G building, we are making a significant step in creating a multi-purpose campus modelled after the Sartorius HQ in Göttingen, Germany.
The celebration of 25th anniversary of BIA Separations, was attended by the President of the National Council, Marko Lotrič, the Mayor of Ajdovščina, Tadej Beočanin, Joachim Kreuzburg, Chairman of the Sartorius Executive Board | CEO and René Fáber Member of the Executive Board and CEO of Bioprocess Solutions Division of Sartorius.

During the ceremony, we proudly unveiled our long-term plans to transform the existing site in Ajdovščina into a campus over the next ten years. This expansion is expected to create approximately 200 skilled positions in the Primorska region. The future campus in Ajdovščina is projected to have a total area of around 30,000 square meters, and will be a multifunctional complex, comprising production, research, and education facilities. Sustainability is at the forefront of our vision, with a solar power plant and technologies for recycling by-products for heating and water reuse.

The first step towards Sartorius BIA Separations campus is the inauguration of the adjecent G building (formerly owned by Codognotto). The investment of approximately 9 million euros in the G building will add 4,500 square meters to the existing site area, which is currently 8,800 square meters. Commissioning of the new building is scheduled for early 2024 and will mark the start of the development of the campus.

“The new building and the campus will enable us to meet our customers’ future needs for technologies to produce new modalities. We are committed to further enhance our innovation activities and to expand our offering for the manufacturing of gene therapies and other advanced therapies,” said René Fáber, Head of Bioprocess Solutions Division and Member of the Executive Board of Sartorius.

“The site will be modeled after the Sartorius Campus at our headquarters in Goettingen, Germany, and will be the first such campus in Slovenia. It is a visible and clear commitment to our engagement here in Ajdovščina and will contribute to the positive development of the region,” commented Jana Krapež Trošt, Co-Managing Director of Sartorius BIA Separations.


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