Purification of Newcastle Disease Virus Produced on a Novel Avian Cell Line CCX.E10

Newcastle disease virus (NDV) from the Paramyxoviridae family is a single-stranded, negative-sense, enveloped RNA virus of avian origin. There are many commercial vaccines based on live or inactivated virions that are used worldwide to protect against its high morbidity and mortality rates among infected poultry, thus minimizing the economic loss. Due to strong host-range restriction, NDV is highly attenuated in humans and other primates, therefore it has been evaluated as a vector for several vaccines and is also promising as an oncolytic vector.

Whether for vaccines or viral-vector therapies, NDV particles must meet certain criteria for yield, purity, and concentration. Having this in mind, the novel avian suspension cell line CCX.E10 is a significant advancement; the cell line is not a genetically modified organism (GMO), it comes in suspension culture or anchorage-dependent version and it grows in commercially available serum-free and animal-component–free media. When infected with NDV, CCX.E10 cells give high-titer harvests. With a combination of production on a CCX.E10 cell line from Nuvonis, which enables drug manufacturers to operate independently of SPF chicken-egg supply, and CIMmultus SO3 monolith technology, we developed a highly effective purification process for NDV.

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