Purification of mRNA With CIMmultus PrimaS

The ligand in CIM PrimaS contains a series of hydrogen donors and hydrogen acceptors, combined with a weak anion exchange character. Its hydrogen bonding ability makes its selectivity entirely distinct from traditional anion exchangers. PrimaS purifies large single-stranded mRNA (ssRNA) under aqueous conditions at ambient temperature. Contaminants are removed by means of a hight salt wash, while ssRNA is recovered from the column with a pH gradient. It can be used for purification or analytics of ssRNA, including RNA exceeding 10 kb (such as self-amplifying RNA). In a purification process, it is most often employed for capture of RNA in crude samples such as IVT mixtures.

CIMmultus PrimaS combines anion exchange and hydrogen bonding properties. It binds molecules with predominantly negative charge and repels molecules with a predominantly positive charge. Samples are applied at neutral pH. A high salt wash is used to remove most contaminants, while ssRNA is eluted by increasing pH, which reduces the binding ability of the PrimaS column.

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