Process Monitoring Using Immunofluorescence and Multi Angle Light Scattering | Tracking Extracellular Vesicles on Analytical PATfix Platform

This poster shows how Multi-Angle Light Scattering detector and Fluorescence detector coupled to PATfix analytical system can be used to track extracellular vesicles through purification process. Samples were analyzed by analytical size exclusion chromatography (SEC). On SEC cell culture components diffuse into pores of chromatographic media and are separated (mostly) based on size. Particles larger than the media pore size are excluded in the void peak. This peak represents extracellular vesicles including apoptosomes, micro vesicles and exosomes as well as cell debris and aggregates.

*Please note that the CIMmultus EV product line referenced in this document has been discontinued as of 1st June 2024. For comparable results, we recommend using products from the CIMmultus QA line.

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