Preparation of Immunoaffinity Columns for Purification and Analytics of MULT-1 and RAE-1

Immunoaffinity columns using antibodies as ligands against mammalian membrane proteins could be used for different applications in protein expression control and, if a standard available, for concentration determination. Additionally these columns are ideal for polishing step of Fc fusion proteins of mammalian receptors.

Most importantly such columns could extract a significant amount of a pure membrane mammalian protein suitable for structural analyses, such as mass spec analysis of their glycans. Immunoaffinity chromatographic monoliths against MULT-1 transmembrane and RAE-1 GPI anchored glycoproteins were developed as a part of Glycomet project with the main goal to analyze the antigen glycan parts.

Two different  pre-activated support were used:  hydrazide (HDZ) and carboxy imidazole (CDI).

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