Oligo dT Immobilization on CIMmic CDI-0.1 Column

Pre-activated CIMmic monolithic columns are cost efficient tools for screening of immobilization conditions and small scale proof-of-concept testing of custom affinity columns and enzymatic reactors. Each column is assembled from a dedicated housing and discs containing a chromatography medium. With a bed volume of 100 μL, sample requirements are minimal, while inserting multiple discs in the housing adapts the column volume to application requirements. Different surface modifications of the discs enable immobilization of a wide variety of ligands.

The increasing demand for messenger RNA (mRNA) as a therapeutic product requires larger production scales, and in turn more efficient extraction techniques. One of the most convenient techniques for its extraction is the use of oligo deoxythymidine (dT) coupled to a solid support. Oligo dT hybridizes to the poly-adenylated tail which is present on most eukaryotic mRNAs, or synthetized onto the molecule during IVT, while other contaminant impurities (proteins, unreacted nucleotides, plasmid DNA, CAP analogues, partial transcripts, dsRNA side products and enzymes) lack the poly-A moiety and do not adhere to the solid support.

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