HPLC Fingerprint Characterization as a Process Analytical Technology in the Processing of Cohn I+II+III Derived IgG

The demand for human normal immunoglobulin is invariably increasing on an annual basis. To satisfy increasing demands, different manufacturing processes are used to isolate immunoglobulins from human plasma. A quest for alternative paths in manufacturing not only requires development of most economical manufacturing process, but also rapid method development and development of good analytics for monitoring of manufacturing. For an efficient development of the purification methods as well as for in-process control during manufacturing stage, the uses of reliable and fast analytical techniques are crucial.

Fast and reliable fingerprint-based method for characterization of immunoglobulin G (IgG) prepared from Cohn I+II+III paste in two chromatographic steps is presented here. The fingerprint method bases on partial separation of proteins in linear gradient on CIMac QA 0.1 mL column. Partial separation of proteins does not allow simple quantitative analysis of the samples, however a very accurate qualitative information about the composition of the sample being analyzed can be obtained in less than 5 minutes.

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