Fast & Efficient rAAV Downstream Process Optimisation With CIM Monolithic 96-well plates

Mojca Tajnik Sbaizero, Project Manager, Sartorius BIA Separations

rAAV downstream process using monoliths contains a series of steps that are mutually dependent. Therefore each step should be optimized for sufficient outcome. Standard 96-well design offers a great advantage for screening many samples and conditions. It supports small sample intake and process automatization. We will present example of multi-parallel screening of different mobile phases for rAAVcapture step using CIM SO3 0.05 mL Monolithic 96-well Plates. Optimization of capture step leads to increased process productivity and product purity, as well as improves later polishing step. High vector recovery and greater reduction of impurities were confirmed on preparative scale chromatography resulting in successful implementation of screening tools for process development optimization.

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