Depletion of Human Serum Albumin From Plasma Samples by Immunoextraction on Immobilized Immuno-Affinity CIMmic

Polyclonal anti-HSA antibodies were immobilized on CIMmic HDZ (hydrazide chemistry, 100 μL bed volume), following an optimized protocol. This CIMmic α-HSA column was prepared to quantitatively remove human serum albumin (HSA), the most abundant plasma protein in humans, and obtain albumin-free samples which can be further processed. The CIMmic α-HSA column is optimized to selectively bind and remove HSA from plasma; albumins from other sources are bound with low efficiency. HSA depletion is carried out in two steps: (i) a loading step in which the diluted and filtered plasma sample is loaded into the column, HSA is bound and HSA-depleted plasma is collected downstream of the column and (ii) a regeneration step in which the bound HSA is removed and the column is regenerated.

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