CIM QA Monolithic Column for Enrichment of Virus Particles From Clinical Samples Prior to Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS)

Orthoreoviruses are dsRNA, non-enveloped viruses that can cause severe enteric and respiratory infections in humans and other animals. It is speculated that these viruses might be an important zoonotic pathogen. As such, orthoreoviruses can cause infections of undetermined etiology which are difficult to resolve. Next-generation sequencing (NGS) is a new technology which enables gathering a huge amount of genomic information from a sample in a short period of time. NGS is being increasingly applied in animal screenings for pathogen discovery and has a great potential in clinical microbiological diagnostics. However, the preparation of high-quality and high-quantity nucleic acid samples is a major concern for efficient application of the method.

CIM QA disk in combination with NGS was used for discovering a novel reovirus in stool samples of a child with gastroenteritis infection of undetermined etiology. Two different starting samples were compared: clarified stool suspension and supernatant from cell culture inoculated with clarified stool suspension.

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