Applicability of CIM Protein G 96-Monolithic Plate for Glycosylation Analysis of Human IgG Isolated From Blood

Chromatographic applications in diagnostics call for automated systems and high-throughput analyses in order to cope with the large numbers of samples. Sartorius BIA Separations offers differently modified monoliths (ion exchanging, affinity, hydrophobic…) in 96-well plate format to follow the increasing needs of DIAGNOSTIC laboratories.

The example described here is an affinity-based CIM Protein G 96-monolithic plate (channels 2 μm), which enables efficient and robust capture of different antibodies from complex samples. The application describes the capture of immunoglobulin G (IgG) from human plasma with subsequent IgG glycosylation studies. The stability of the column for at least 70 isolation steps and proof of no cross-contamination are shown.

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