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The right tool for the right task—and the skills to use it. That’s who we are. We provide a unique technology customized for the special needs of purifying and analysing the most challenging therapeutic products in the field of biopharma. And that tool set outperforms every available alternative.

BIA Separations is the global producer of monoliths for industrial purification of large biological agents like virus particles, exosomes, and DNA plasmids, among others.

Monoliths are chromatography media cast as a single unit. No particles to pack in columns. No filters to stack. Monoliths have up to 100 times higher capacity than traditional chromatography media and they run more than 10 times faster.

Better purification, better productivity, better economics. And that extends to analysis too. Monoliths make it possible to obtain high resolution product fingerprints that enable nearly real-time process monitoring and final product QC in minutes.

On top of that we at BIA Separations have more than 20 years of hands-on experience with process development and scale-up. We make our practical knowledge available to all of our customers, collaborators, and strategic partners. It has been a key contributor to the more than 500 clinical trials our products have enabled, and it will be a key contributor to your long term manufacturing success.

Our vision is to remain the leading provider of monolith technology. We aim to provide the best solutions in downstream processing and analytics, with the purpose of saving our customers time and giving them the best return on their investment.

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