Applicability of CIM Monolithic Chromatography in Nickel Speciation Analysis

The application describes separation of Ni species by assembling four weak CIM DEAE anion-exchange disks into a monolithic column. The concentrations of the Ni species eluted from the column were quantified by post-column isotope dilution inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ID)-ICP-MS. The Ni binding ligands eluted under the chromatographic peaks were identified off-line by tandem electro spray mass spectrometry (ESI-MS-MS), scanning for negative ions.

The mild chromatographic conditions of the CIM DEAE disks preserved chemical species and enabled separation of negatively charged Ni complexes.4 NH4NO3 was chosen as eluent since it enabled separation of Ni species and is compatible with ICP-MS and mass spectrometry detectors.

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