A Method for Concentration and Purification of Human Coronavirus HCoV-OC43 Using CIM QA Monolithic Columns

Human coronavirus OC43 (HCoV-OC43) is a frequent cause of respiratory tract illness, ranging from common cold to severe disease. The research on coronaviruses and medical application of coronaviral vectors/vaccines requires a quality material of high purity. Unfortunately, virus preparations are highly contaminated with cell debris and purification requires laborious, cost-ineffective procedures.

Here, we report a simple and efficient method for coronavirus concentration and purification by the example of HCoV-OC43. To achieve this, virus chromatography was performed on CIM QA monolithic columns (Sartorius BIA Separations), with immobilized positively charged quaternary amines. The quality of the obtained virus stock was assessed with SDS Page electrophoresis, followed by Western blot analysis. Finally, infectivity of recovered virus was evaluated by titration.

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