mRNA Conference 2024


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Speaker: Aleš Štrancar, Managing Director, Sartorius BIA Separations

Date and Time: Monday, October 7, 2024 | 4:00 PM EDT

Title: Fast In-Process Chromatography Analytics to Control mRNA LNP Manufacturing


  • mRNA LNP development lacks fast methods to better understand their synthesis and LNP formation.
  • Orthogonal analytics are required to enable safer product and cheaper mRNA/LNP manufacturing processes.
  • Novel chromatography methods offering faster and orthogonal data to RiboGreen and DLS/NTA/Videodrop methods will be presented in this paper.

About the event

The mRNA Conference 2024, where global pharmaceutical and biotech companies will meet with world-leading industry experts in Boston, Massachusetts, to explore the latest innovations in mRNA-based therapeutics and vaccines for infectious diseases, oncology, personalized treatments, and beyond.

Recent vaccine success has put mRNA technology into the spotlight with increasingly growing potential for applications in immunotherapy, personalized medicine, and clinical treatments of genetic, infectious, and chronic diseases. The mRNA conference will focus on developing mRNA vaccines and therapies from early research to large scale production, commercialization and clinical applications.

This exclusive event will showcase invaluable insights into differentiated drug platforms through RNA modification and delivery systems, next-generation mRNA therapeutics, formulations, clinical development, and supply chain and logistics.

Location: Boston, MA

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