Optimize Analytics to Enhance Process Development

Therapies based on nucleic acids and viruses present a new challenge to the established process development workflows. Fast at-line analytical chromatographic solutions are crucial. PATfix can withstand these challenges by providing fast feedback on critical quality attributes (CQAs), helping you successfully iterate the development and scale-up of your process.

The PATfix analytical platform was developed to facilitate multiple stages of process development by:

  • Supporting fast process development and optimization
  • Enabling scale-up and scale-down optimization
  • Providing reliable in-process control
  • Working out of the box
  • Being easy to use
  • Embedding methods validated according to FDA and EMA guidelines

Workshop Description

Attend the workshop to learn how an efficient analytical tool can simplify chromatography in your process development workflows. It requires only basic chromo skills to confidently deploy it for fast separation and quantification of large biomolecules. The PATfix platforms offer the flexibility to grow with your expanding needs.

Our live workshop brings a combination of presentations and hands-on demonstration followed by a Q&A session. Attendees are invited to bring along any real-life examples that they would like advice on during the workshop.

PATfix Analytical Platforms offer complete solutions tailored to your modality. Each workshop will offer a deep insight into modality-oriented solutions.

AAV Analytical Platform Workshop

AAV empty/full capsids ratio with the unique PATfix triple detector setup

Embedded methods for AAV2, AAV8 and AAV9

Distinct analytical methods for:

  • Total capsids quantification
  • Empty/full capsids ratio
  • Impurities detection

mRNA Analytical Platform Workshop

Monitoring IVT reaction components and mRNA product quality with three orthogonal analytical methods

Increasing IVT yield while cutting capping reagent cost by half

pDNA Analytical Platform Workshop

Purity and content tracking during all process steps

Single run Separation of process related impurities (RNA, protein) and product related impurities (separation of key pDNA isoforoms sc/oc/lin)


Feedback from a successful workshop with High Purity New England (HPNE)

” Loved the online interface to play with the instrument software ” – PATfix Workshop Attendee

“I loved learning about alternative HPLC systems and software solutions. The technical explanation of the chromatography was very interesting and informative!” – PATfix Workshop Attendee

“Very useful tool for quick analytic data turnaround” – PATfix Workshop Attendee

How PATfix Simplifies Analytics and Progress:

“I was introduced to the PATfix analytical platform at the BASE Facility for the analysis of plasmid DNA and mRNA. The PATfix pDNA analytical platform package was helpful in getting the plasmid analysis running with validated protocols built-in the system. We have also been utilising PATfix for the analysis of IVT mRNA with validated protocols provided by Sartorius BIA Separations. We have been getting consistent and reliable results with high-throughput work processes made possible by the at-line implementation of the PATfix platform. I am happy with the system as it is easy to use, reliable and the support provided by the highly knowledgeable team at Sartorius BIA Separations and Sartorius has been excellent. I am looking forward to continuing working with the PATfix platform and the Sartorius BIA Separations team with their ongoing developments in providing high-quality analytical products.”

– Dae Jong Han, Research Specialist (Analytics)

BASE Facility, Australia.

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