Social Responsibility

Employee Care

A thriving company needs top notch associates to translate exceptional ideas into winning strategies. We trust in our well-educated and highly motivated team members, and we strive to provide a stimulating working atmosphere for them.

Safe Working Conditions: We moved into our modern 4,000 square meter facility, located in Ajdovščina, Slovenia, toward the end of 2011. We have always believed that safety is paramount – our laboratories and production areas were built to meet or exceed all safety regulations and are equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

Balancing Career and Family Life: For Sartorius BIA Separations, happy and committed employees are the key to the company’s growth and prosperity. To facilitate the balance between career and family life, we offer our employees options such as flexitime, part-time, or telework.

Social Events: Our weekly volleyball game contributes to the upbeat team spirit of our employees. And at least twice annually, we gather together to socialize outside of the company’s corridors for dinners, picnics, and various outdoor activities.

Sponsorships and Specialized Events

Our interpretation of ethical business practices implies a commitment to being socially responsible locally. Therefore, our sponsoring activities are focused on regional needs.

Donations: Rather than mailing out cards and letters to business partners and friends, we have chosen to express our best wishes for the New Year electronically. The money saved each year is donated to schools in Ajdovščina. Our contributions help handicapped and financially underprivileged children, and aid in creating equal access to educational opportunities for all young people.

Supporting Slovenian Universities: Fostering the next generation’s talent and potential by promoting educational excellence is very important to us. For this reason, we always follow through on our pledge to sponsor the conferences and workshops organized by Slovenian universities.

Sponsor of Specialized Events: Who knows more about monolithic media and its uses in liquid chromatography than Sartorius BIA Separations? For this reason, we host the Monolith Summer Symposium (MSS) every other year on the Slovenian coast where leading experts from industry and academia, including young scientists and chromatography aficionados gather to exchange experiences, technologies, and discuss future trends.

Ecological Sustainability

The health of tomorrow´s world lies within our hands. Sartorius BIA Separations is committed to good ecological stewardship and strives to manage resources wisely. Our Ajdovščina facility was built with sustainability in mind. For example, a photovoltaic energy plant contributes to the building´s electrical power supply. We separate our waste materials and recycle wherever possible. We respect our water resources through conservation and safe wastewater handling. Lastly, the company maintains an environmentally sound work and production environment.

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