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Monolithic Silica Columns of Various Format in Automated Sample Clean-Up/Multidimensional Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry for Peptidomics

E. Machtejevas, S. Andrecht, D. Lubda, K. K. Unger

Journal of Chromatography A, 1144 (2007) 97-101

The following particulate and monolithic silica columns were implemented in a fully automated and flexible multidimensional LC/MS system with integrated sample clean-up, to perform the analysis of endogeneous peptides from filtered urine and plasma samples: restricted access sulphonic acid strong cation-exchanger (RAM-SCX) for sample clean-up, RP 18 Chromolith guard columns as trap columns and 100 μm I.D. monolithic RP 18 fused silica capillary columns as last LC dimension. The results show sufficient overall system reproducibility and repeatability. Implementation of monolithic silica columns added an additional flexibility with respect to flow rate variation and adjustment due to the low column back pressures. Also, monolithic columns showed a lower clogging rate in long-term usage for biological samples as compared to particulate columns. The applied system set-up was tested to be useful for the routine peptide screening in search of disease biomarkers.

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