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Affinity Chromatography On Monoliths: Application Of Peptidyl Ligands Directly Synthesized On Gma-Edma Disks

CIM® monolithic disks based on macroporous copolymer of glycidyle methacrylate and ethylenglycole dimethacrylate (GMAEDMA) have become very popular for separation and purification of different classes of biological molecules. Recently these monolithic materials were described as a successful example of solid support for peptide synthesis. The original epoxy-groups can be easily transferred to:

  • 1) hydroxyl groups obtained by acid catalyzed hydrolysis of the epoxy groups of the GMAEDMA copolymers (reaction (a))
  • 2) amino groups introduced by the reaction of epoxy groups with ammonia solution (reaction (b)) or with ethylene diamine (reaction (c)).


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