• Multimodal chromatography ligand that combines elements of hydrogen bonding with anion exchange chromatography
  • Offers unique selectivities in many important product areas
  • Supports purification of single-stranded RNA at ambient temperature and also fractionates ssRNA by size

For AAV application, we are developing PrimaS column with stricter release criteria for higher reproducibility of AAV empty-full separation. Until this product is finalized, PrimaS for AAV is only available as a beta product. Please contact us (sales@biaseparations.com) to be part of our beta campaign.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Monolith lifetime affected by > 0.1 M NaOH. See updated column stability and cleaning instructions on the Product sheet.


  • Screening of chromatographic conditions (example binding, washing, elution conditions)


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CIM PrimaS® 0.05 mL Monolithic 96-Well Plate (2 μm)BIA-122.5118-20.05 mL2 μm
CIM PrimaS® 0.2 mL Monolithic 96-Well Plate (2 μm)120.5118-20.2 mL2 μm
CIM PrimaS® 1.0 mL Monolithic 24-Well Plate (2 μm)BIA-124.5118-21 mL2 μm

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