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Empowered by innovative analytics for emerging

MSS2024 is a hybrid conference taking place June 3-7. Featuring next-generation purification and analytics for emerging gene therapies and vaccine development. Lectures by exceptional speakers, will be combined with wet-lab workshops and indulge in the extraordinary atmosphere.
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Program Highlight

The main focus of the program are nucleic acids and viruses, VLPs and nanoparticles. Oral presentations dedicated to its modality will be coordinated with wet-lab workshops, ensuring that lectures and workshops on the same modality will not overlap

Our line-up of outstanding speakers includes:

Justina MartinkieneEnabling CIMmultus DEAE columns at scale for plasmid DNA capture

Tjaša LegenManufacturing of mRNA for pre-clinical and clinical studies

Zoltán KisInnovating and digitalising mRNA vaccine and therapeutics production processes

John BowenHigh-quality, phase-appropriate plasmid manufacturing to accelerate advanced therapies

Dan Peer: Targeted LNPs are going beyond the liver: from vaccines to genome editing

Jens GruberVesicles and vehicles; EVs on the road to clinics

Manfred ReiterThe CCX cell line, a novel avian substrate for efficient virus production

Andrew Knudten: Where does the cell and gene field need to go to thrive? Critical considerations as you move your programs forward
The full list of speakers at MSS2024 can be found here

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We are seeking exceptional speakers to share findings on stage with us. We are accepting abstracts for oral or poster presentation until February 29, 2024. The submission is free of charge and the abstracts will undergo a scientific committee approval.
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MSS2024 is an event with a clear vision to connect industry leaders. We will put you in a room with key decision-makers who can provide insight into their company’s challenges.
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