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Hardware system options

PATfix™ triple detector set up delivers sensitive, accurate and insightful characterization of viral samples.

Multiple-detector analytics of virus containing samples enables rapid process development, in-process monitoring, and validation of production and purification.

MALS detector is critical for sensitive monitoring of empty and full capsids in complex contaminated process samples. Viral particles produce a characteristic MALS peak due to their relative large size, making early DSP optimization possible by giving immediate feedback on the sample state.

The fluorescence detector determines the true ratio of empty to full capsids.  Impurities such as hcDNA and chromatin are monitored using extrinsic Picogreen fluorescence.

UV-Vis detector is used for tracking all protein and nucleic impurities, as well as their removal.

Check out the power of a triple detector setup via our demo software at the link below!

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Hardware system options